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Jonathan from Texas

Texas Adoption Exchange

  • Age6
  • GenderM
  • LocationTexas
  • Case #78809

Jonathan is a resilient child who loves to receive hugs and kisses from his caregivers. He takes pleasure in the company of others and enjoys when people sing to him. Jonathan is able to follow the voice that is singing to him by ear and he shows his appreciation with a vibrant smile. Although Jonathan does not seek out affection, he does not shrink from it. Jonathan appreciates getting his sleep and does so often. Some of Jonathan's favorite activities include being read to, being sung to, and having his cheeks caressed. Jonathan requires a wheelchair for mobility. When he is not mobile, he is in his crib and has to be repositioned every two hours to prevent skin breakdown. Jonathan is nonverbal, but is able to communicate by batting his hands and making sounds with his mouth. Jonathan appreciates bath time as well as his feedings. He requires a feeding tube and is fed his formula five times a day. To monitor respiratory distress and measure oxygen, Jonathan also requires a pulse oximetry sensor that he wears at all times. Jonathan receives 56 nursing hours per week and is monitored regularly by several specialists, including a Pulmonologist, Neurologist, and Speech Therapist. Jonathan receives speech therapy twice a week and has progressed in establishing an awareness of his communicative partner. Jonathan will continue to thrive and enjoy a sense of permanency if placed in the care of a forever family who will help him reach his full potential.

Jonathan will benefit from a placement with a family who has a background in the medical field, as they will need to be very knowledgeable about his various special needs. The family will proactively seek resources that will be of benefit to Jonathan. They will devote the appropriate amount of time to supervise and care for Jonathan. If the family has other children, the children must be old enough to understand how to appropriately interact with Jonathan.

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