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Jonathan from Texas

Texas Adoption Exchange

  • Age17
  • GenderM
  • LocationTexas
  • Case #81002

Jonathan is a very smart, fun, caring, active, sweet and friendly boy with big dreams and goals for the future. He is a very respectful youth. Jonathan is very close to his siblings. He has a very strong bond with his brothers and sisters and is very protective of them. Jonathan is independent and follows all house rules. He is respectful towards others and is able to form healthy relationships with his peers. Jonathan is cooperative and considerate, although at times can be inconsistent and unpredictable. He can sometimes be authoritative with his younger brothers and he does not like to do chores. Jonathan can come off as being shy, but is a very sweet and loving teenager. He is able to differentiate right from wrong and has a positive attitude. Jonathan has many and varied interests, such as football, basketball, music, traveling, going to parties, and dancing. Jonathan knows there are many other interests he looks forward to exploring with a forever family and his siblings.

Meet Jonathan, Gerard, Ricardo, Marcela, and Claudia! This sibling group is a fun, loving, and sweet bunch. Jonathan is the oldest of the group and is described as a big teddy bear. Jonathan is very sweet, loving, and emotional; he cares very deeply for his siblings. Gerardo likes to be called Gerry, and is the talkative one of the group. He is very smart, and likes to take care of others, especially his siblings. Ricardo, who likes to go by Mickey, is a bit quieter. Ricardo is very attentive and is also very close to his siblings. Marcela and Claudia are the biggest girly girls. Marcela enjoys playing with dolls and with children her age. Although Marcela may at times require some redirection, she does respond well to one on one attention. Claudia is the baby of the group, and is the move energetic of the group as well. Claudia may also need some redirection, she too responds well to redirection by adults.

Jonathan is open to his permanency goal of adoption. He is looking for a family where he feels loved, secure, and accepted. Jonathan will do well with a family who offers patience and love. He will also do well in a structured environment that also allows him to grow and develop his own interests. Jonathan wants a family with similar culture, food, and he would like to stay in Texas.