Juan from Texas

Texas Adoption Exchange

  • Age9
  • GenderM
  • LocationTexas
  • Case #82020

Juan is a quiet and friendly child who desires to be with a family. He is very sociable and outgoing around those he knows. Juan enjoys sports, especially basketball and football, and all outdoor activities. He plays basketball very well and likes to spend time getting even better. Juan also enjoys listening to music. He likes to be around friends who make him laugh and who like the same activities. Juan is a calm, mild-mannered child who is a joy to be around. He requires plenty of adult supervision and direction, as he needs time to just be a child and learn that he is not responsible for others?EUR(TM) actions and behaviors. He continues to work on this through supportive services. Juan is very sweet and always wants to be the big brother. He has a close relationship with his siblings and a close relationship with the caregiver of his younger siblings, who are not part of this adoption. Juan is proud to state that he likes the color pink and wishes one day to have a Lamborghini that is purple and black.

Juan, Lourdes, and Joejesse are active and fun-loving children with lots of energy and laughter to share with others. They have a strong sibling bond and look forward to being with each other. This terrific trio enjoys being outdoors, doing arts and crafts, and just playing in general. As the oldest, Juan tries to be grown up and get his siblings to behave, but doesn?EUR(TM)t quite know how. He enjoys playing with his younger siblings, either riding bikes or playing basketball. He likes to be more serious and is the most reserved of the three; this has more to do with him trying to keep his siblings in line and difficulties opening up to new people. Lourdes and Joejessie are full of energy and love to get dirty playing outdoors. Lourdes likes to do cheerleading and gymnastics. Joejessie likes to act up and be silly. Joejessie is the most active, but Lourdes can surely keep up. Juan, Lourdes, and Joejesse have a close bond with their other siblings, who are not part of this adoption. They maintain contact with them by phone and monthly visits. Juan, Lourdes, and Joejesse are looking forward to finding their forever family who will support their connection and provide them with a loving home.

Juan is anxiously awaiting his forever family. He will do best with an experienced family that offers supervision, structure, and a loving environment. A family with no other children is preferred. Juan will also benefit from a stay-at-home parent. He wants to maintain contact with his siblings, who are not part of this adoption. It is preferred that Juan and his siblings remain close to the San Antonio, Texas area in order to maintain contact with their other siblings. It?EUR(TM)s also preferred that their forever family be encouraging of this continued contact.

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