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Juanita from Texas

Texas Adoption Exchange

  • Age16
  • GenderF
  • LocationTexas
  • Case #79893

Juanita is a sweet youth who loves to talk to adults. She enjoys participating in activities that other teenagers her age like to do for fun. Juanita enjoys dancing, singing, swimming, basketball and football. She enjoys playing her guitar, singing, dancing and drawing. Juanita enjoys playing sports like basketball and football. She considers herself a "tomboy" and wants to play football next school year. Juanita enjoys participating in community and religious activities. She likes going shopping, watching movies, listening to music and creating things. Juanita is very social and able to express her thoughts and feelings. She describes herself as someone with a lot of talent. Juanita has difficulty at times controlling her emotions and taking responsibility for her behaviors.

Juanita wants to be part of a family. She has expressed that she prefers to be adopted by an African American family. Juanita states she would like a mom and a dad with a little brother. She would like to live in a quiet neighborhood and a little Yorkshire terrier named "Sunshine". Juanita will do best in a family with lots of love and patience. An experienced, stable family, who has the time to devote to her and help her overcome her feelings of low self-esteem, will be ideal. Parents who are calm and not easily frustrated are ideal. Juanita needs a nurturing, structured living environment that provides clearly defined limits. Discipline strategies that provided in a logical and reasonable manner without intense emotional reaction, is best. Juanita will do well with the use of positive reinforcement. She will benefit from frequent feedback on her behavior. Juanita needs a family who will be calm, supportive, consistent and willing to help her work through her emotions and feeling.

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