Julia from Texas

Texas Adoption Exchange

  • Age16
  • GenderF
  • LocationTexas
  • Case #79836

Julia is a loving youth who truly loves people and making connections. She loves to talk and is great company. She is an avid storyteller and has a great imagination. Julia is very sporty and likes to be outdoors. She especially loves to play basketball and swim. She also likes writing, drawing, and reading. Although math has started to become a challenge for Julia, she is conquering it with flying colors. Extracurricular activities at school would be great for her to participate in. She would like to participate in activities such as basketball, swimming, and other sports. Julia can be very spontaneous and bold at times and she is learning new ways to better express herself and her feelings. Julia loves to help teach younger children. Her favorite foods are pancakes, BBQ, and pizza.

Julia is in need of a two parent household. She wants an older sibling and a younger sibling. Julia would like a family with pets, as she really likes dogs and cats. It's important that Julia's family be active. She will benefit from a family that is involved in church and community activities, but still sits down for dinner to discuss the day. Julia would like to maintain contact with her older sister who is not part of this adoption, so it's important that the adoptive family be supportive of this.