Julio from Texas

Texas Adoption Exchange

  • Age15
  • GenderM
  • LocationTexas
  • Case #81920

Julio is a sweet and loving teen. He has a shy personality when he first meets people, but will get comfortable with the people he feels he can trust. Julio tends to keep to himself and likes his alone time. He likes to feel useful and help out around the home. Although Julio typically has a positive attitude and outlook on things, he sometimes tends to doubt himself. He thrives when he is praised and told he is doing something well. Julio can be impatient at times; he wants things to be done a certain way and within a certain amount of time. Julio likes playing video games, but he is happiest doing outdoor activities. He recently joined the school football team and credits the routine for helping him focus more. Julio's other hobby is helping his foster family with their local food stand. He stated he likes it because it makes him feel important. Julio needs time to get used to people. New settings tend to make him anxious, but this does not stop him from doing things he enjoys. Julio is a responsible and caring youth. He has voiced that he plans to join the Army when he gets older.

Julio and Moriama share several similar interests, especially with sports. Julio plays football and Moriama enjoys soccer and basketball. At one point, Moriama was a member of the school orchestra and the volleyball team. Julio enjoys helping others and currently helps out around his foster family?EUR(TM)s store. Julio and Moriama enjoy feeling important and useful. They like to feel independent. Moriama recently got a pet and has proven to be very responsible. Julio enjoys doing outdoor activities and likes to learn how tools work. Julio and Moriama interact well with each other and show affection towards each other. Like most siblings, they get into arguments on occasion, but they display a bond and love towards each other. Julio and Moriama look out for each other and frequently ask about the others?EUR(TM) well-being.

Julio is looking for a family where he feels loved, secure, and accepted. He especially wants a family that will adopt him and his sister. Julio will do well with a patient, loving family that is willing to share a common interest, especially with sports. He will thrive with a fun-loving, active family that likes to practice sports. He will also do well in a structured environment that allows him to grow and develop his own interests and hobbies.

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