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Kaylee from Texas

Texas Adoption Exchange

  • Age10
  • GenderF
  • LocationTexas
  • Case #82600

Kaylee is an active and social child. She is very articulate and observant of everything going on around her. Kaylee enjoys football and gymnastics. She loves to ride horses. She is said to be a natural at horseback riding and enjoys caring for and being responsible for the animals at her home. Some of Kaylee's other interests include playing with Barbie dolls, building with Lego?EUR(TM)s, watching movies, and playing board games and video games. She likes to go on outings in the community and is usually well behaved in public settings. Kaylee?EUR(TM)s three wishes are: go to Corpus Christi; have lots of pizza; and have a horse. At times, Kaylee has difficulty focusing on learning in the classroom setting and will talk instead of paying attention. Although she makes good grades, she is a little apprehensive about having several different teachers for her classes in the upcoming school years. Her favorite subjects are math, art, and language arts. At times, Kaylee engages in attention-seeking behaviors. She continues to learn better ways of interacting with peers and adults. Kaylee hopes to remain in Central Texas, as she has siblings who are not part of this adoption. She wishes to continue visits and frequent contact with them.

Kaylee would like to join an active, youthful family. She indicated she would prefer a single mom or dad, or a two-parent family. She would like to have other children in the home. Although she may not interact well with a female sibling of a similar age, a teen youth that will model appropriate behaviors will be a benefit for Kaylee. She requires a family that will focus on keeping her busy with various activities, such as physical sports, and help cultivate her interests in working with animals. She hopes to join a family that lives in the country and has horses, so she can help take care of them. Kaylee also enjoys lizards and tortoises. She stated a city family will be fun, if they go places often.

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