Keith from Texas

Texas Adoption Exchange

  • Age15
  • GenderM
  • LocationTexas
  • Case #81974

Keith is a bright, engaging youth with a witty sense of humor. He is intelligent with much potential to be as great as he chooses. Keith likes to make others laugh while he uses humor as a method of coping. He has a big heart and is nurturing. Keith has a natural athletic ability and enjoys playing football, basketball, and soccer; he plays other sports too. Keith takes pride in his personal appearance and clothing. His academic performance is satisfactory and has been so consistently. Keith has difficulty controlling his emotions, especially when situations are not in his favor. He at times struggles to be the bright desirable child the world cherishes. He is working diligently to better himself all around. Keith is not shy nor is he afraid to express his sentiments. He thrives on being listened to and providing his opinion on diverse matters; especially those matters that concern him. He is well capable of advocating for himself.

Keith will fare well with a family who will provide consistent structure with applicable boundaries. Being an outspoken individual, it is imperative that Keith be able to share his ideas, notions and feelings without limitations. He relishes being listened to and understood by the adults in his life. A family who will keep him on track emotionally and focused academically will enhance his capabilities and confidence as he does well academically, but requires help staying organized and on task. Keith desires to remain in contact with certain family members. Maintaining contact with his twin brother is a must.

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