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Ke'shaya from Texas

Texas Adoption Exchange

  • Age6
  • GenderF
  • LocationTexas
  • Case #77855

Ke?EUR(TM)Shaya is a true delight. She brings so much joy to her foster home. Ke?EUR(TM)Shaya enjoys interacting with her foster family. She will reward them with giggles and smiles. Ke?EUR(TM)Shaya loves to be the center of their attention and is quite their social butterfly. She is a very happy little girl. Being held and talked to is one of her favorite past times. At other times she likes to play with her musical toys that light up. Ke?EUR(TM)Shaya always likes a good toy show. Ke?EUR(TM)Shaya is diagnoised with Trisomy 9 Mosaic Syndrome . She requires a trach, g-tube, and is on a ventilator 22 hours per day. Ke?EUR(TM)Shaya participates in physical therapy. She has some catching up to do physically, emotionally, and developmentally, but she is a hard little worker. KeShaya requires constant supervision. She is eager to do more and has a determined little personality.

Ke?EUR(TM)Shaya?EUR(TM)s parents will have the time to advocate for her and identify resources to assist her in being successful in life. Her family will make a lifelong commitment. They will keep a steady routine to maintain her health. Ke?EUR(TM)Shaya?EUR(TM)s family will need to be familiar with caring for a child with special medical needs or be willing to learn and seek out the help of support groups and professionals.

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