Keyla from Texas

Texas Adoption Exchange

  • Age10
  • GenderF
  • LocationTexas
  • Case #82182

Keyla is a very sensitive child who loves affection. She enjoys using technology and can be very savvy with her skills. Her favorite classes in school are social studies, PE, and art. Keyla enjoys doing outdoor activities and playing outside. She also likes to draw and play with her dolls and stuffed animals. Keyla likes playing with the family dog. She loves to eat sweets. Keyla is close to her foster parents and is able to build close relationships with peers and adults. She sometimes helps around the house by cleaning and cooking. Keyla is very close to her sister and they are protective of one another. Her favorite foods are hamburgers, pizza, and wings.

Nayla and Keyla have very unique personalities. They are similar in some ways, but different in other ways. They enjoy pursuing their own individual interests. Nayla loves playing the violin. She also enjoys drawing, art, and socializing with friends. Keyla is tech savvy and outdoorsy. She enjoys visiting her foster dad's place of employment, where he works with horses. Nayla and Keyla are full of life and energy. They love to stay active. They are intelligent and they enjoy school. Nayla and Keyla?EUR(TM)s main concern is being adopted together. Like many siblings, they experience sibling rivalry, but then they make up like nothing ever happened. Nayla and Keyla?EUR(TM)s bond is very strong.

Nayla and Keyla would like either a two parent family with a mom and a dad or a single mom. They want a family that is active and likes to do things outside of the home such as camping, attending parties, going to movies, and going to parks. Nayla and Keyla love animals and do well with dogs. They want a family that is patient, loving, understanding, and that will give them unconditional love.

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