Kody from Texas

Texas Adoption Exchange

  • Age13
  • GenderM
  • LocationTexas
  • Case #79749

Kody is a remarkable child who loves a good mystery and adventure. He likes to draw, read, and write. He can fill an entire notebook with drawings, stories, and letters. Kody can most often be found running around outside. He feels most comfortable when he is at home playing outdoors. Kody loves to play football or ride his bike. He enjoys camping and loves animals of all kinds. He hopes to be a veterinarian one day. Kody is loyal to those he loves. He is anxious to grow up and start a new journey and would love to take that adventure with a family who believes in him and will help make his dreams come true. Kody has an older sister who is not part of this adoption. He is very protective of her. It is very important for them to remain in contact.

Kody deserves a family that is going to offer lots of love and support. He will do best in a family that is full of energy and loves to be outdoors. He will need an advocate for him in the educational setting as well as throughout life. Kody does best with clear and consistent boundaries and positive reinforcement. He would like a family that will allow him to participate in extracurricular activities and allow him to hang out with friends. It is also very important for Kody's family to allow him continued contact with his sister.

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