Koen from Texas

Texas Adoption Exchange

  • Age3
  • GenderM
  • LocationTexas
  • Case #81996

Koen is a very sweet and happy little boy. He loves to play outside with balls and run around. He is a very strong willed child, but he is a joy to be around. Koen enjoys riding the school bus and going places in the car. He likes to watch cartoons and will usually zone out when watching TV. Koen enjoys eating Oreos, cheerios, and crunchy tortilla chips. He loves to play with any type of vehicle toy, such as cars or trucks. Koen also enjoys spending time with his two older siblings. He is usually smiling and has big bright eyes to go along with that smile. Koen has limited verbal communication, but is able to express his wants and needs. He has made a lot of progress since beginning to work with educators and other supportive services.

Michael, Kamden, and Koen are three sweet and silly brothers who are ready for their forever family! This terrific threesome shares a very close bond with each other. Big brothers, Michael and Kamden, are proud and protective of their baby brother, Koen. The boys love to play outside together and be creative together. They also love to build things with Legos, ride their bikes, and play games. Koen tries his best to keep up with Michael and Kamden, and they are very attentive to him. Michael and Kamden describe Koen as "happy, playful, kind, and chubby." Michael, Kamden, and Koen love each other very much.

Koen is very active and struggles with communicating his needs. He will do best with a family that is patient with him and proactive in seeking supports to maintain progress in meeting his developmental milestones. Koen is very bonded to his older brothers and needs a family that is committed to adopting all three boys. Families residing in Texas are preferred.