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Kristopher from Texas

Texas Adoption Exchange

  • Age9
  • GenderM
  • LocationTexas
  • Case #82221

Kristopher is a very active and energetic child. He loves playing with his older brother, Octavion, and his foster brothers. Kristopher enjoys engaging in social and recreational activities such as going to the park, theme parks, movies, and the library. He also enjoys participating in church activities, camps, and other events. Kristopher loves to sing and dance and interact with his brother and foster brothers. He performs best when he is supervised. Kristopher continues to learn methods on how to help control his emotions better. Kristopher likes to play basketball, football, and go on outings to the park and library.

Octavion and Kristopher are an awesome sibling duo. They are close in age and share a very special bond. Octavion and Kristopher love to participate in all sorts of activities - some alone and some together. The children have very unique qualities that can warm anyone?EUR(TM)s heart. Octavion and Kristopher have some educational challenges that require attention and commitment. The boys need to know they have a future ahead of them that will bring nothing but positivity in their lives. Octavion and Kristopher would like to remain a duo by being able to live in a ?EURoeforever loving home?EUR together.

Kristopher needs a family that is patient and nurturing. The home will need to have rules, structure, and a system of consequences and rewards. Kristopher will do best in a two-parent home with a mother and a father, as he really enjoys spending time with his foster family in all types of activities. Kristopher needs a lot of coaching, redirection, and role-modeling. He benefits from receiving instructions for tasks in small intervals, as he is easily overwhelmed when given a lot of things to do at once. Kristopher will do best with a family that is active.

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