Lane from Texas

Texas Adoption Exchange

  • Age10
  • GenderM
  • LocationTexas
  • Case #82717

Lane is a very active and spontaneous child. He enjoys being outdoors and going to the park. Lane enjoys school. He requires specific seating in his classroom to eliminate distractions. He must be challenged to keep him on track. Lane benefits from a concrete calendar for assignments. He likes to be rewarded for his accomplishments. He will benefit from learning better ways to interact with teachers and other authority figures. Lane is creative and will work hard to get what he desires. He is strong-minded. Lane is a good athlete who enjoys running around. He is friendly, enjoys talking to others, and enjoys their company. Lane is a fun child to be around.

Lane, Jameion, and Jada are charismatic children who are full of energy and ready to show off their talents. They interact very well with each other and enjoy each other?EUR(TM)s company. They like sports, playing on the playground, and just being outdoors. As the oldest, Lane likes to teach his siblings and act as an older brother. Jameion is outspoken and patient with both of his siblings. Jada is very outgoing and likes to play with her brothers, but she also enjoys her girl time. Lane, Jameion, and Jada like to challenge each other and keep one another on their toes.

Lane has shown interest in being adopted. He needs a family that will provide him attention and demonstrate their love to him. Lane wants to feel secure, loved, and protected. His family will understand his drive and creative potential and will help him grow and improve his skills. Lane needs a family that is patient and consistent. His family will guide him and understand his stumbling blocks, while providing him with unconditional support and supervision. Lane?EUR(TM)s family will need to reinforce his positive accomplishments and motivate him to continue striving to do better.