Levi from Texas

Texas Adoption Exchange

  • Age11
  • GenderM
  • LocationTexas
  • Case #81259

Levi is an adorable boy who loves to please the adults around him. He bonds quickly to new people. He loves fishing and being outdoors. Levi is a leader who tries to encourage other children to do the right thing. He is very bright and has a shining personality. He can be very affectionate toward those he cares about in his life. Levi has been active in Cub Scouts and the local 4H club in the past. He enjoyed being a part of both of those organizations. Like most boys his age, Levi also enjoys playing video games and playing Minecraft on his tablet. Levi can become upset at times and may yell or display some rebellious behavior, but he is quick to apologize.

Levi's perfect family will have older siblings, so he can bond with them. He will benefit from having a strong male role model in his life. He will do best with two parents who will provide age-appropriate supervision and a structured environment. Levi needs clear expectations for his behaviors and discipline needs to be logical, reasonable, and without an intense emotional response. Levi also maintains visits with his brother and grandmother. His ideal forever family will be supportive of his relationship with them.

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