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Lourdes from Texas

Texas Adoption Exchange

  • Age8
  • GenderF
  • LocationTexas
  • Case #82019

Lourdes is a friendly and talkative child who enjoys meeting new people. She is typically the first one to greet a visitor. She is very open about her thoughts and feelings; easy to talk with; and a pleasant little girl. Lourdes is very outgoing and active. She enjoys gymnastics, dancing, and especially cheerleading. She likes to be outdoors riding her bike or skateboarding. Lourdes prefers to be dancing, doing cartwheels, or playing outdoors rather than watching television or playing video games. She likes to receive attention and enjoys one-on-one activities or talks with her caregivers. Lourdes has a close relationship with all of her siblings and with the caregiver of her younger siblings, who are not part of this adoption. She likes to spend time with her brothers, but prefers to do more ?EURoegirly?EUR things with caregivers or other children, such as playing with her bears and dolls. She also enjoys playing with her stuffed animals, singing, and going to new places. Lourdes generally interacts well with other children. On occasion, she tends to tease or argue with some children when she gets highly frustrated or upset. She requires plenty of adult supervision and will often respond well with redirection and positive rewards. Some of Lourdes?EUR(TM) favorite foods include vegetables, fruit, and hot dogs. She does very well in school. She struggles a little with reading, but she enjoys learning new things.

Juan, Lourdes, and Joejesse are active and fun-loving children with lots of energy and laughter to share with others. They have a strong sibling bond and look forward to being with each other. This terrific trio enjoys being outdoors, doing arts and crafts, and just playing in general. As the oldest, Juan tries to be grown up and get his siblings to behave, but doesn?EUR(TM)t quite know how. He enjoys playing with his younger siblings, either riding bikes or playing basketball. He likes to be more serious and is the most reserved of the three; this has more to do with him trying to keep his siblings in line and difficulties opening up to new people. Lourdes and Joejessie are full of energy and love to get dirty playing outdoors. Lourdes likes to do cheerleading and gymnastics. Joejessie likes to act up and be silly. Joejessie is the most active, but Lourdes can surely keep up. Juan, Lourdes, and Joejesse have a close bond with their other siblings, who are not part of this adoption. They maintain contact with them by phone and monthly visits. Juan, Lourdes, and Joejesse are looking forward to finding their forever family who will support their connection and provide them with a loving home.

Lourdes is anxiously awaiting her forever family. She will do best with an experienced family that offers supervision, structure, and a loving environment. A family with no other children is preferred. Lourdes will also benefit from a stay-at-home parent. She wants to maintain contact with her siblings, who are not part of this adoption. It is preferred that Lourdes and her siblings remain close to the San Antonio, Texas area in order to maintain contact with their other siblings. It?EUR(TM)s also preferred that their forever family be encouraging of this continued contact.