Luke from Texas

Texas Adoption Exchange

  • Age17
  • GenderM
  • LocationTexas
  • Case #79097

Luke is a special boy who is very personable. Luke is responsive at times, makes some eye contact, and smiles easily. Luke recognizes familiar faces as he will look at them, smile, and often make sounds. Luke's favorite things to do are watching Sponge Bob cartoons and football. Luke enjoys laughing and smiling as he watches or plays with a balloon. Luke is a youth who is diagnosed with Allan-Herndon-Dudley Syndrome (a rare d/o that causes a lack of brain development and difficulty with movement), Cerebral Palsy, GERD, Static Encephalopathy, and Spasticity. He is prescribed several medications for his medical conditions. Luke uses a hospital bed, wheelchair, stander, a CPT vest and a suction machine. He sees a gastroenterologists and a neurologist on a regular basis. Luke receives therapy to work on trying to sit up, using his stander, working on trunk and neck control and his hamstring flexibility. He receives 59 nursing hours weekly. For his nutrition he is fed by a g-tube and uses a Dynavox for communication. Luke has disruptive nightmares that wake and can take up to 45 minutes to calm him down.

The family for Luke will have an understanding of children with multiple medical problems and a compassionate, caring nature. He needs a family who will nurture him, ensure he receives any needed services, and meet all of his needs. A family who is very patient and loving is needed.