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Mackenzie from Texas

Texas Adoption Exchange

  • Age14
  • GenderF
  • LocationTexas
  • Case #80564

Mackenzie is a bubbly, effervescent, and engaging youth. She has a sweet voice and a big presence. She can be a firecracker! Mackenzie is very polite and kind. She is "all girl" and loves to express her pretty side with make-up and hair; she also enjoys being energetic and active. She has recently been involved in equine therapy and really loves horses. Mackenzie is bright and likes school. She is a voracious reader and reads beyond her age level. Mackenzie enjoys meeting new people. She is very social and enjoys making new friends. She likes shopping and is interested in anything "girly." She loves clothes and loves to shop for new outfits.

Mackenzie will do well with seasoned parents and, particularly, with a family with no children younger than her. She is very active and needs a family who is involved in the community or sporting/recreational activities. Mackenzie will need a family that can set clear boundaries and supervise her closely. She is working on learning to make good decisions and will need a family that can assist in this process. Mackenzie has a bright future and would love to have a family that will support her and help her achieve her dreams. With her recent interest in horses, a family that will continue this would be beneficial. Mackenzie mainly wants a family that will remain committed to her even throughout adulthood.