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Manuel from Texas

Texas Adoption Exchange

  • Age5
  • GenderM
  • LocationTexas
  • Case #82355

Manuel is a fun-loving, energetic boy with an infectious smile. He enjoys being outdoors, playing sports, swimming, drawing, and reading books. Some of Manuel?EUR(TM)s favorite foods include tacos, eggs, and chicken. He enjoys playing with Transformers, Hot Wheels, and Lego?EUR(TM)s. Manuel tends to be more receptive and respectful toward males. His behaviors tend to be more challenging with female authority figures. He can have sudden changes in mood, which results in him becoming testy and quarrelsome. Manuel can exhibit challenging behaviors while at day care and at home. However, he is a very sweet and loving boy who likes to have fun and laugh. Manuel is continuing to learn appropriate ways to manage his behaviors. He is ready to meet his forever family!

Manuel is anxiously awaiting his forever home! He will do best in a two parent household with at least one caregiver being male. It is preferred that one caregiver be a stay-at-home parent, so they are available when needed. Manuel needs an experienced family that is patient, proactive, and flexible. He will acclimate better to a home that is structured.

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