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Marcela from Texas

Texas Adoption Exchange

  • Age10
  • GenderF
  • LocationTexas
  • Case #81009

Marcela is shy and reserved, but is a sweet girl who enjoys spending time doing girly things, such as watching princess movies, doing his hair, and wearing girly clothes. She likes to eat Mexican food. She specially loves to spend time with those who she loves as she has learned to trust and love them. She likes to play with her sister, they pretend they make tea; they put all their stuffed animals and dolls in the table and serve them cookies and milk. She would like to have a forever family who will love and nurture her and her siblings. Marcela needs one to one instruction due to noticeable short attention span. She has demonstrated improvement to her response to redirection by listening. She angers easily and at times displays temper outbursts. She is now learning that she is as good as all her siblings. Marcela is a sweet, playful, active, and shy girl.

Meet Jonathan, Gerard, Ricardo, Marcela, and Claudia! This sibling group is a fun, loving, and sweet bunch. Jonathan is the oldest of the group and is described as a big teddy bear. Jonathan is very sweet, loving, and emotional; he cares very deeply for his siblings. Gerardo likes to be called Gerry, and is the talkative one of the group. He is very smart, and likes to take care of others, especially his siblings. Ricardo, who likes to go by Mickey, is a bit quieter. Ricardo is very attentive and is also very close to his siblings. Marcela and Claudia are the biggest girly girls. Marcela enjoys playing with dolls and with children her age. Although Marcela may at times require some redirection, she does respond well to one on one attention. Claudia is the baby of the group, and is the move energetic of the group as well. Claudia may also need some redirection, she too responds well to redirection by adults.

Marcela will do well with a family who offers consistency, acceptance, patience, and love, along with constant supervision to redirect her behavior. The family for Marcela will be able to spend a lot of one-to-one time with her and be willing to access the resources she needs. Marcela does very well with older children and pets in the home. She responds best to a predictable and structured environment. The family must allow her to grow and develop her own interests. Marcella will work well with a family who is loving and kind, and sensitive to emotional needs.

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