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Mariah from Texas

Texas Adoption Exchange

  • Age8
  • GenderF
  • LocationTexas
  • Case #62475

Mariah is an adorable, alert, and happy child who is very enthusiastic about life. She has faced numerous challenges in her young life, but her will is strong and she continues to work to develop and become all that she can be. Mariah is a consistently happy child who is typically in a good mood. She has a very bright, relaxed, and cheerful personality. Mariah is diagnosed with West Syndrome, Static Encephalopathy, cortical blindness, and Hydrocephalus. She doesn't let her medical challenges stop her! Mariah is enthralled by any object that makes noise and loves playing on the floor. An affectionate child, she also enjoys hugs and hearing people sing songs. Mariah smiles when she hears familiar voices. Her vocabulary has recently expanded. She is not only parroting adults in the home with ease, she is also using many more words in the appropriate context. Mariah is able to easily walk on her own, which is a huge success! Because of this, she no longer uses her walker. She is presently working on engaging in play with other children. Mariah enjoys playing outside, being pushed in the swing, and watching the fountain in the yard. She does well on outings and often likes to direct her caregivers where she would like to go on those outings. Mariah also enjoys riding the school bus. Visit me at the Heart Gallery of the South Plains. View my video on KYTX "Children Are A Gift".

Mariah needs a family who understands and can take care of a child with medical needs. She enjoys being around people and likes other children; however, Mariah must be supervised closely. Mariah will need a family who will continually be an advocate for her and her medical needs as she grows up. The ideal family for this little princess will consider taking care of her a joy and privilege while making a lifetime commitment.

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