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Marianne from Texas

Texas Adoption Exchange

  • Age17
  • GenderF
  • LocationTexas
  • Case #80224

Marianne is a funny and outgoing girl. She can be very sweet and affectionate. Marianne is a funny and outgoing girl. She loves helping out in the kitchen and wants to learn how to cook lots of different types of food. She is Justin Bieber's #1 fan and knows the words to all of his songs. She loves to sing and dance along to his music and also enjoys making up her own dance moves. She likes to perform, whether singing, dancing, or both. She writes her own songs. She likes to help others and has a big heart. Everyday Marianne has made positive progress during her time in care. She has made positive relationships with those she comes in contact with.

Marianne can be very sweet and affectionate. She has experienced a lot of trauma in her life which she continues to address in therapy. She needs a family who will be sensitive to her past and continue to encourage her and support her as she works through past memories and experiences. She needs a family that can provide consistent yet firm boundaries and sets clear expectations.

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