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Matthew from Texas

Texas Adoption Exchange

  • Age16
  • GenderM
  • LocationTexas
  • Case #82577

Matthew is a reserved, focused, and motivated youth. He loves to work on cars and work to earn spending money. Matthew likes to spend time with his family. He also likes to spend time alone working towards his goals. Matthew is very focused on his future and wants to be successful. He enjoys being outdoors and also enjoys video games. He likes to work, ride his skateboard, shop, and hang out with his friends. Matthew is very well spoken and is a great advocate for himself and his needs. He will often hide his emotions until he knows he is loved and accepted. Matthew does well in school and works hard to keep his grades up. He is social but likes to have a small circle of friends with whom he is close. Matthew is very smart and is capable of achieving anything with which he sets his mind. Matthew's favorite foods are pizza, ice cream, and hot Cheetos.

Matthew will thrive in a home where he receives unconditional love and support. The ideal family will set clear rules, boundaries, and expectations from the beginning and be consistent with them throughout. Matthew will do best with a family who understands his past and be sensitive to any feelings that may arise. He prefers to be in a home with one or two parents. Matthew will do best in a home where he feels loved and where he feels like he is part of the family. He is very goal oriented and will do well with supportive parents who give him some independence and support his goals. Matthew prefers to be with an active family who allows him to participate in outdoors and extracurricular activities. Matthew also wants to be in a home that allows him to work and be independent.