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Michael from Texas

Texas Adoption Exchange

  • Age16
  • GenderM
  • LocationTexas
  • Case #82394

Michael is a friendly and a sociable youth. He loves all types of animals and the outdoors. He likes swimming. Michael also enjoys playing video games. He loves to smile and laugh and to be the center of attention; he enjoys being loved. Michael gets bored easily, but if he is physically active his boredom ceases. At times he struggles with a lack of understanding and may over react in the moment. He loves to help around the house and has a desire to please his caregivers. He likes to travel and enjoys new places. Michael loves to care for small children and children love him.

Michael will benefit from a two parent household or a single mother household. Preferably no other children as he needs much deserving love. Michael needs structure, attention, and guidance. He enjoys being outdoors and will benefit from a family who has hobbies that are outdoors. He will thrive in a suburban or country area where he can have animals to care for and love. He needs a family with patience as he needs understanding when he has difficulties. Michael needs a family who outwardly expresses love and affection. He will benefit from a family who is not highly critical of him as he struggles with being accepting of himself.

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