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Payten from Texas

Texas Adoption Exchange

  • Age11
  • GenderF
  • LocationTexas
  • Case #82561

Payten is full of energy and loves to remain active. She enjoys riding her bike and any other activities that keep her moving. She enjoys dancing and hopes to join a dance team in the future. Payten did participate in Girl Scouts in the past and really shined in that environment. Some of her favorite things are kittens, rainbows, and unicorns, which can be easily seen on most of her belongings. She loves to color and draw. Payten does get bored easily and requires lots of encouragement to stay focused on one task at a time. Payten responds well to praise from the adults around her. She is a very smart child but does need redirection. Payten hopes to work with animals when she gets older and would like to work at an animal shelter. Payten?EUR(TM)s passion for animals is also clearly indicated by her favorite book which is The Life of Pi. Payten is very ready to be adopted and is eager to meet her forever family.

Libby and Payten are two sweet, energetic young ladies. Libby is thirteen years old and Payten is eleven. Because of how close in age these girls are, they do have typical sibling rivalry and quarrels but are very close and have said that they would be lost without each other. These girls have been through a lot and have been through it all together. Libby and Payten do have similar interests and like being involved in outdoor activities such as swimming and riding horses. They also like arts and crafts such as making necklaces and string art. While they do enjoy sending quality time with each other, they also need time apart and hope to have separate bedrooms and space in the future. Both girls are friendly and talkative. They love to joke around and make others laugh.

Payton will do best with a traditional, two parent family but will also be open to a single mom. She is very bonded to her sister and will not be separated from her. Payton prefers that she and her sister are the only children in their adoptive home. She does feel that Texas is too hot and is open to living in another. Payton needs a family who will be very active and able to keep up with her. Her parents will understand that she is very smart and as results, requires constant stimulation. She does best in a very structured environment with a firm and predictable daily schedule. Payton needs close supervision.