Raul from Texas

Texas Adoption Exchange

  • Age16
  • GenderM
  • LocationTexas
  • Case #41056

Raul is very quiet and shy at first, but once he is comfortable, he will be silly and playful. It may take him a little while to make friends, but he is always willing to try. Raul is very respectful to adults and is a big helper. He loves sports, including basketball and football, and would like to play one day. He is an avid artist and likes to listen to music. Raul is into fashion and likes wearing clothes that fit his style. He also likes to play video games with his foster brothers on the Xbox. Raul would like to begin learning how to drive and become independent. He has recently become interested in relationships and is more aware of his looks and behaviors. When Raul is frustrated he will shut down or take his anger out on objects around him. He can be impulsive at times, but is working on managing his behaviors and developing his coping skills. Raul likes to spend time with his foster family and enjoys going on outings to the movies or bowling. He is easily influenced by his peers and is a big people-pleaser.

Raul will do well in a two parent family with a strong male role-model. He will do well with other siblings, as a role-model and to model after. He needs parents that are structured and will monitor his behaviors closely to ensure his safety. Raul's family will be patient and provide him with encouragement when he does something well and have consistent redirection when he breaks a rule. He would love to have a family that is active and will provide him opportunities to build his social skills and self-confidence. Raul wants a family that will not give up on him and will continue to love him when he becomes upset or makes a wrong decision.

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