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Remyngton from Texas

Texas Adoption Exchange

  • Age9
  • GenderM
  • LocationTexas
  • Case #81256

Remyngton (Remy) is a bright and upbeat child. He is humorous and loves to tell jokes. Remy enjoys being active. He likes playing video games, but also enjoys riding his skateboard outside. He has recently learned how to swim and enjoys spending time at the pool. Remy is always quick to laugh and has a kind heart. He always wants to do his best and is proud when he pleases his caregivers. Remy needs guidance in school, but is learning to focus better in class. He will need some time to adjust to his forever family. Remy has a younger brother who is not part of this adoption. He would like to maintain contact with him.

Preston and Remyngton share a very close bond and love spending time together. They are both affectionate and compassionate children. They enjoy playing video games and riding their bicycles outside. Preston enjoys quiet time building things with Legos. Remyngton is more active and enjoys outdoor activities such as skateboarding or swimming. Preston and Remyngton are athletic and will benefit from the opportunity to participate in team sports. Both children are very good-natured boys who love to joke around together. They are bright, humorous, and love to laugh. Preston and Remyngton would love a family that will play board games or participate in arts and crafts with them.

Remy will do best in a family with a very involved male figure, as he responds more positively to male caregivers. He needs a family that will spend time with him individually and participate in supportive services to better understand his needs. Remy thrives with structure and consistency. His family will need to be firm with rules and boundaries so that he can understand the expectations of the home. Remy's forever family will need to be patient as he transitions into their home and becomes part of the family.

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