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Robert from Texas

Texas Adoption Exchange

  • Age17
  • GenderM
  • LocationTexas
  • Case #78819

Robert is a very energetic and happy-go-lucky youth. He is a delight to be around and enjoys learning new tasks. He enjoys video games, Legos, and reading. Robert is very intelligent. He enjoys going to school and participating in class activities. Robert requires extra help in school, as at times he has issues with staying focused on the task at hand. Robert has a sense of pride when he is successful at doing something new. Recently, he has been helping his foster father with yard work and he learned how to mow. He has been mowing several strips at a time. Robert enjoys spending a great deal of time playing video games. This activity is very calming for him. He enjoys being part of the family and staying active. Extracurricular activities are very important to Robert, as he does not like to be bored. Robert is a sweet youth who enjoys the attention of others. Visit me at the Heart Gallery of North Texas.

Robert will thrive with a two parent home, with an active father figure. He enjoys having a father figure. He really wants the acceptance of a father and would love to have someone who will spend quality bonding time with him. Robert's parents will be patient with him and offer him choices in regards to rules. At times, he can be impulsive and act out in anger. He needs parents who will work with him and remain sensitive to his needs and his past trauma. Robert has dealt with a lot of loss and needs an empathetic and loving family. He does best when he has clear and consistent boundaries. He responds very well to positive reinforcement and praise. Robert aims to please, so it is very important for his new family to be very encouraging. Robert needs a family who will devote a lot of time and attention to him.

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