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Robert from Texas

Texas Adoption Exchange

  • Age8
  • GenderM
  • LocationTexas
  • Case #79966

Robert is an easy going young boy who enjoys making new friends. He does well in school and is on grade level. Robert spends most of his time playing with his brothers and other household children, or watching cartoons. Robert is a very active child and depends on alternative ways of managing his behaviors. When Robert is not playing with his video games or watching cartoons, he likes to play outside and ride bikes. He hopes to one day be able to eat candy every day for every meal. Robert has some challenging behaviors, but they are all manageable with appropriate techniques from the caregiver. Robert often does not want to follow rules and reminders more than once to complete a chore. When Robert does not follow the rules of the home, he is grounded from watching cartoons and playing video games. When he becomes upset, he can kick the ground, and yell. Robert is a wonderful big brother. Robert and his siblings are looking for their forever family.

Leonardo, Elias, and Robert all enjoy playing video games together, watching cartoons together, and riding bikes outside together. Although the children rarely agree on what cartoon to watch, or what video game to play, they still love to be with each other despite their small differences. When the three siblings do argue, it lasts for only a few minutes, and is best resolved with easily separating them. Leonardo, Elias, and Robert are both nice and loving to each other, and to other members of their foster family. The children are hopeful for a forever family who wants to adopt all three of the siblings together. Visit us at the San Antonio Heart Gallery.

Robert is anxiously waiting for his forever home. He will benefit from a loving, caring, and strong family who will provide him with a structured and stable environment. Robert will thrive with a family who will build on the positives as well as set up reasonable, age appropriate limits with consequences that can be enforced consistently. The ideal family for Robert is a patient and understanding family who will adopt him and his brothers, as Robert would like to be adopted with his siblings.

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