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Sergio from Texas

Texas Adoption Exchange

  • Age10
  • GenderM
  • LocationTexas
  • Case #78592

Sergio can be quite a loving and affectionate youth. He loves to give hugs. Sergio likes to play outdoors and get dirty! He enjoys participating in sports or riding his bike. Sergio is diagnosed with a seizure disorder and Autism Spectrum Disorder. He is not very verbal but is able to communicate by pointing and saying words here and there. Sergio likes to color and build puzzles. He is a good eater and likes most any food. He enjoys going to restaurants where he can play in the playground areas. Sergio likes to play on the playground, color, watch cartoons and "spin" coins. He says that for fun he likes to color, play with a ball-kick ball, and play outside. Sergio also likes to dance and will show off his dance moves to others. Sergio said that he likes to eat bananas, apples, hot Cheetos, cookies, and ice cream.

Sergio will benefit from a family who is caring and has experience and patience in working with children with special needs. Sergio is a child who needs frequent redirection. He needs a family who is well informed of his condition and who is able to meet his special needs long term. Sergio continues to work on his frustration and improving his behaviors in the home. He is learning to follow redirection given by his foster parent and learns from positive reinforcement. Sergio also needs a family who is willing to maintain sibling relationships.

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