Seth from Texas

Texas Adoption Exchange

  • Age15
  • GenderM
  • LocationTexas
  • Case #80834

Seth is a sweet boy. He enjoys playing sports, karate, and just being social. He likes to beat-box and is pretty good at it. Seth has had behavior challenges in the past but has shown to be able to overcome his obstacles and learn from his mistakes with great progress. He responds well to positive reinforcement and encouragement to do well. Seth is very protective of his own feelings and those for whom he cares. He is very talkative and open with his feelings and needs. Seth likes to spend free time playing his Nintendo DS and listening to music on his MP3 player.

Seth will benefit from a one or two parent home. He will thrive with a male role model to do "guy" stuff, play sports, and be active. He would love to have brothers and/or sisters in his home. He is looking for a safe, loving home where he can be a kid and spend quality family time with loved ones. Seth does not want to be an only child. He will benefit from a family who enjoys participating in community and school functions. A family who will allow him to participate in the sports that he likes, will be ideal. Seth needs a family who will reward him with love, affection, guidance, and who will treat him equal to other children in the home.