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Trevoire from Texas

Texas Adoption Exchange

  • Age15
  • GenderM
  • LocationTexas
  • Case #78847

Trevoire is a young, tall boy. He is currently attending school and is enrolled into special education/behavior modification classes. His favorite school subject is science and he has a love for animals. Trevoire is active and talkative and likes to play with other children that are his age. He is somewhat shy and likes to be the center of attention at school by telling jokes or trying to tell comedic stories. Trevoire does not participate in any sports or clubs at school at this time however he would like to engage in an activity that helps him to control his behaviors and improves his self-esteem. He has a healthy appetite and his favorite food is hamburgers and French fries and pizza. Trevoire's favorite color is blue and he likes to play video games and basketball or listen to music in his free time.

Trevoire wants to be adopted by a family that will provide him with a nice, large family. He needs a positive male role model who will teach him how to become a respectful and well-mannered young man however will exhibit patience. Trevoire finds great importance in gaining a bond with a father role model and wants to be able to spend time with him like other father and sons do. He also desires to have a strong motherly presence in the home as well. Trevoire looks forward to being able to establish a relationship with a mother who will take a genuine interest in his work at school and his life at home.