Tyler from Texas

Texas Adoption Exchange

  • Age10
  • GenderM
  • LocationTexas
  • Case #81642

Tyler is a very high energy child with a sweet personality and the desire for a strong male role model. Tyler can be very affectionate and he has a silly sense of humor. He enjoys being constantly active, both indoors and outdoors. Tyler likes to ride bikes, run, and play tetherball. He has not had the opportunity to play any sports, but an organized sport may help Tyler focus. Tyler is open to new experiences and will usually try new things. He can be persistent at times and become upset if he is asked to do something he does not want to do at that moment. Tyler can be overly energetic or even forgetful at times and needs help staying focused and keeping quiet at appropriate times. He typically acts before thinking and has difficulty listening and following through with instructions. Tyler can be bold, daring, spontaneous, playful, and challenging. He has an infectious smile and really wants to become part of a forever family

Tyler needs a family who will provide him a lot of time, attention, and energy. A family that has a consistent and structured parenting style will be best. He needs a family who will persevere with helping Tyler progress with supportive services he might need. Tyler will do best in a home with either no children or older children. He will benefit from role models to help him learn how to interact with peers in a positive manner. Tyler will thrive in a family that is able to set and maintain boundaries in a nurturing and loving way.