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Ventura from Texas

Texas Adoption Exchange

  • Age7
  • GenderM
  • LocationTexas
  • Case #82095

Ventura is a smart, loving, and energetic child. He enjoys being outside playing basketball, riding his skateboard, playing at parks and playgrounds, or going camping. When he can?EUR(TM)t be outside, Ventura loves to play with his toys or video games. One of his hopes is to have his own computer. Going to the movies is another one of Ventura?EUR(TM)s favorite activities. He enjoys eating all types of food and will try anything once. Ventura is smart and does well in school, with assistance. His favorite subject is math. Ventura wants to be loved and given the opportunity to show others how awesome he is.

Raya and Ventura are an energetic, fun, and loving sibling group. They like to do many of the same things together, such as going to the movies and playing outside or at parks. Raya and Ventura get along well and will play together occasionally, but they also like to have their own free time. Raya often helps Ventura remember to follow directions. She is a typical older sister who watches out for her younger brother. She loves to read and listen to music. Ventura likes math. Raya and Ventura like to joke around and make each other laugh. They both want to have continued contact with their sister, who is not part of this adoption. Raya and Ventura would also prefer to remain in Texas.

Ventura will do best with a two parent, structured family that is involved, understanding, and loving. He will do best with a strong father figure and parents that are involved in school functions, extracurricular activities, and outings. Ventura does not have a preference for where his family lives, as he will be happy in the city or country. He would like a family that has animals and other boys, so he can have brothers. It is important to Ventura that his forever family support his desire to maintain contact with his older sister, who is not part of this adoption. He would prefer to remain in Texas so he can be close to this sibling.

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