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William from Texas

Texas Adoption Exchange

  • Age11
  • GenderM
  • LocationTexas
  • Case #82219

William is a youth full of energy who has a love for sports. His favorite sports are soccer and basketball. William is a creative child who enjoys building elaborate sculptures out of Legos. He would love to have every type of Lego set ever made. His favorite items to design are action figures like Spiderman or a Star Wars figure. William loves spending quality time with his caregivers and engaging in activities like bike riding or swimming. He often competes with other children to get the attention of his caregivers. William loves cleaning up the house and doing activities to help his caregivers. He has a low frustration level and sometimes has a difficult time if other youth challenge or provoke him. William is working diligently in supportive services and is making some positive progress in this area. He is a hard worker at school and has improved his reading skill significantly this year. His reading level went up two levels this year alone. He excels academically if his assignments or shorten in length or only have a few directions to complete at a time. William gets a bit discouraged if he has longer assignments or tasks. William is passionate about the subject of science but his highest grade is in social studies.

Liberty and William are energetic and physically active youth. They are hardworking children who have persevered through obstacles in their life. William is the outspoken child while Liberty is more reserved. Both children are quite competitive and love participating in various sport activities. They also love attending church and the Boy and Girls Club. Liberty and William are also competitive with one another but their bond towards each other is quite evident to anyone that meets them. Liberty is the older sibling and feels it is her duty to protect her younger brother. She is also compassionate and loves to help her peers who may be struggling. Liberty does not like to be perceived as weak. She often acts confident and strong but inside lacks confidence and needs assistance building her self-esteem. William on the other hand is quite confident, strong minded, and determined. These two siblings are the perfect balance. William and Liberty have an inseparable bond and are eager to share their love with a forever family.

William would love to be placed in a two parent home but is open to a single parent if they are physically active in activities in the community. He desires to be placed with a family who will be committed to keeping him and his sister together. He would also like a family who is open to her maintaining contact with her sibling who is not part of this adoption. William will do best with a family who is structured and consistent. The family will need to be an advocate for him, provide positive reinforcement, unconditional love, exercise patience, and be supportive.

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