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Yannica from Texas

Texas Adoption Exchange

  • Age15
  • GenderF
  • LocationTexas
  • Case #81314

Yannica is a shy, sweet, polite girl who feels most at ease around children her age. She is most comfortable engaging in quiet play activities such as playing on the tablet and reading teen magazines. S Yannica is not really interested in going outside to play or do such things as riding a bike. She prefers to sit in the house and watch television. Yannica favorite colors are purple and black. She has an interest in becoming a surgical nurse one day. Yannica is a very well-behaved young girl and is easily re-directed when needed. She completes her chores willingly. Yannica is just becoming a girly-girl; she wants to keep her hair done and stay up to date with the latest fashion.

Meet Yannica, Breyanna and Zayn a sibling group of three who state that family is very important to them. Yannica is the oldest of the three and has an interest in becoming a surgical nurse. She is a very shy youth. Next you have Breyanna, the middle child. She has an interest in becoming a teacher or a singer. Breyanna and Yannica have a good relationship and they look to each other for support and love. They enjoy comparing their dress and getting "girly". Last you have the youngest, Zayn. Zayn is the baby and the two older girls are protective of their little brother. Zayn is like any other toddler his age and enjoys watching movies with his sisters and playing with other children his age. Yannica, Breyanna and Zayn are looking for a home where they can be together.

Yannica needs a two parent home that will be patient with her. The family needs to be loving, nurturing, and very affectionate. With the right family, Yannica certainly has the potential to achieve her goals and dreams. It is important to Yannica that she be adopted with her siblings.

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