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Zackery from Texas

Texas Adoption Exchange

  • Age10
  • GenderM
  • LocationTexas
  • Case #79753

Zachery is a ball of energy and plays well by himself. He loves his siblings and enjoys being with them. He also likes interacting with other children his age. In school, Zachery's teacher reports that he interacts well in class. He requires frequent reminders and redirection, but he is working on reducing the frequency. Zachery receives speech therapy and supportive services. His speech has been improving with the structured therapy. Zachery struggles with staying focused and has difficulty expressing himself verbally. He is working on handling his feelings of frustration and being able to verbalize those feelings better. All around, Zachery enjoys being a kid and finds great joy with playing with his toys outside and riding his bike.

Timothy, Brittney, Zachery, and Elizabeth are full of energy and like to play with toys and games. They each have distinct personalities and they will all bring something different into their future forever family. The children interact well with each other most of the time. Like most siblings, they have occasional sibling rivalry and disagreements at times. All of the children receive supportive services and are working on learning appropriate boundaries with their siblings and how to be respectful of their emotions and personal space. They have benefited from the consistency of this and are improving in their behaviors. The children thrive with structure and consistency in progressing with their goals. This four-some is vocal about their outfit choices. They require minimal guidance with their daily hygiene tasks. Each child in this sibling group comes with their separate joys and hurdles. They will be a fun addition to their forever family!

Zachery will thrive with a family that is active and patient in meeting his needs. He is willing to learn and wants to fit in with his forever family. Zachery does not have many requests when it comes to his forever family, but he does hope to receive love and a family who loves being outside as much as he does.

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