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Jackson from Vermont

Lund Family Center

  • Age24
  • GenderM
  • LocationVermont
  • Case #Jackson

Jackson is 17 years old. Here's what he would like you to know about him.

My favorite things: Working outdoors, volunteering to help people, and driving.

Things I do not like: People who do not trust me or respect what I have to say.

My favorite foods: Subway. But I am not a picky eater and love to try new things.

Favorite TV shows: I don't really like to watch TV.

Activities I enjoy: Building things out in the yard, working on cars, and basically doing anything with my hands. I enjoy volunteering and want to continue this no matter where I go.

What I want in a family: Parents who are willing to allow me to be independent, but recognize that I still want someone to take care of me (even if I don't admit it). A family that is willing to accept my connection with family and friends. A dad who is willing to build things and spend time with me.

What I want families to know about me: Even though I am going to turn 18 soon, I still want a family to call my own. I can be very independent and like to do volunteer work, which I am committed to. I have been through many things and need people who understand the issues I might be facing. I like to be right most of the time but am open to discussion. I am logical. I have people who have made a difference in my life that I want to stay connected to. It sometimes takes me awhile to trust people so I need people to be patient with me.

What we want families to know about him: Jackson is a very active young man who very much wants a family of his own. He has had a traumatic life, which has affected him in many ways.

What we are seeking in a family for Jackson: One or two parents who: * Can teach him valuable life skills; * Have experience and training in early childhood trauma; * Are willing to transition him into adulthood while still being parents; and * Can provide structure and consistency while putting him on the path to independence.

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