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Makenna from Vermont

Lund Family Center

  • Age18
  • GenderF
  • LocationVermont
  • Case #VT01MY-AS


Makenna is 13 years old. Here's what she would like you to know about her.

My favorite things:

Coloring, animals, all foods (except coleslaw), swimming, camping, singing, arts, playing games, and ice cream.

What I want in a family:

I would like:

A family with animals Children in similar age that live around me so I have people to interact with A family that celebrates holidays and special events The ability to use electronics with proper supervision A family that visits my current friends A big room and bed

What I want families to know about me:

I enjoy staying active because it gives me something to do. I like being around animals and taking care of them. I am working on gaining the trust of people that care about me. I would l need a family that makes me happy by providing a stress free environment with no yelling or saying hurtful words and statements. I need someone that will be upfront with me.

What we want families to know about her:

Makenna has experienced significant trauma in her life. She is currently in weekly therapy that is helping her to address her trauma- related behaviors. She really wants to be in a family. Makenna is able to build relationships with adults but struggles when adults set limits.

What we are seeking in a family for Makenna:

A single- or two-parent family who can provide consistent structure; A family with lots of energy who can keep her active and teach her new things; Parents who will support her in the community and at school and advocate for her needs. Parents with experience in trauma-related behaviors; Parents who are willing to attend ongoing therapy with her.
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