Mark from Virginia

Virginia Department of Social Services

  • Age12
  • GenderM
  • LocationVirginia
  • Case #VA01316584

Mark is a nine year-old Caucasian male who is an active, smart young boy. He enjoys making crafts out of paper and playing video games. Mark stated, I would like to be an engineer or a police officer one day. Mark has a vast vocabulary and enjoys reading. He enjoys playing with animals. Mark also enjoys spending time with family, especially his brother. He is very inquisitive and has a great memory. Often times Mark will remember times and dates of upcoming events; and, likes to follow schedules as accurately as possible. When Mark finds himself getting upset he has developed a strategy from himself called turtle time. Mark has made great improvements on his communication skills where he is vocalizing when he feels himself getting frustrated. Mark would like to find a forever home that will provide him with the attention and love that he greatly deserves. Mark is very loving and would thrive in a consistent, stable home environment.