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Samone from Virginia

Virginia Department of Social Services

  • Age18
  • GenderF
  • LocationVirginia
  • Case #VA01316856

Samone is a loving teenager who loves one-on-one attention. She takes pleasure in listening to music as she finds it very calming. As any teenage girl does, Samone likes to get her hair and nails done and go shopping. Recently Samone has expressed an interest in religion and spiritualism, and would like to delve into these ideas further. She works very hard to learn and advance herself, and continues to be resilient despite whatever hurdles she may encounter. One day, Samone would love to travel the world to see what experiences it has to offer her.

Samone strongly desires a family of her own and to succeed in life. A family who will support and encourage her to make positive decisions will be integral in her development and well-being. Can you be that source of strength and guidance for Samone?

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