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Daniel from Alabama



from Alabama

Daniel, born January 2004, longs to bin in the company of others and would thrive best in a setting where all eyes are on him. He is out-going, and is a very determined and curious child. He likes being the center of attention and he has a lot of love to give. Hugs are one of Daniel's favorite things to give other people. Daniel enjoys helping others and shines brightest when he can participate in hands-on activities. Daniel is in the 7th grade, and his favorite thing about himself is how much he enjoys school. Daniel will tell you that his hero is God, and that he loves worshipping at church throughout the week. He gravitates more toward male role models and he loves animals. Daniel's favorite hobbies are playing video games or building things with Legos. He also loves to ride his bike outdoors. Daniel deserves a forever home and a forever family who will to support, help, and guide him in these sometimes difficult teenage years, to become the awesome young man he is destined to become. Photos courtesy of Heart Gallery Alabama
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