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Destinee from Alabama



from Alabama

Destinee, born May 2004, loves to listen to music. She loves to sing (which she is very good at), doodle, color, and attend church and church events. Destinee also enjoys helping other people, whether it's with cleaning, or cooking, or chores. She has a very sweet and loving personality. Destinee is in the 7th grade, and her favorite subject is Math. She reports that she loves horses and would love to ride a horse, but has never had the chance to. Destinee is a very jolly and happy child, and she is easy to get along with. This young lady needs and deserves a forever home with kind, understanding forever parents who will love Destinee and give her a secure forever home, and be there for her to support her and help guide her to become the adult she is destined to become. Photograph is courtesy of
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