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Esmeralda from Alabama



from Alabama

Esmeralda, born in 2002, and Alondra, born in 2005, and Alexsandro, born in 2012, and Cerilo, born in 2013, are a sibling group of four currently hoping for a forever family and a forever home. Individually they are all special and unique in their own way. Esmeralda is especially talented in both music and art. She is a member of her church choir and praise team. She loves to write special notes and letters to people to offer them encouragement. She is very good at expressing herself on the written page. Esmeralda loves to sing, draw, and read books. She is out-going and makes friends easily. Alondra, like her sister, Esmeralda, is also out-going and makes friends easily. She likes to communicate with friends on social media. Alondra also likes to play outside with her brothers. She gets along well with younger children. Alexsandro and Cerilo are one year apart in age but they are so close in size, they are often mistaken for twins. Both boys are always smiling and love to give out hugs. They play well with each other and with other children. Alexsandro and Cerilo excel in school. They are well-liked by their peers, teachers, and their current foster mother. These children are all very much bonded to one another. This sibling group needs and deserves a forever family who will keep them safe, who will love and care for them, and who will always be there to offer safety and security, and to be there to help teach and guide this young group to become the very best versions of themselves they can be!