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Ileena from Alabama



from Alabama

Ileena, born in 2004, likes to go by Dreama. She is a sweet child who is full of personality! Dreama is very creative and has a unique since of self. Dreama loves to write poems and songs that draw out her emotions. She has no issues in school and is part of the gifted program. Dreama makes friends easily although she might appear to be shy when you first meet her. Dreama loves to learn and teach new and old things to others. Dreama loves music, especially Nikki Minaj and Rihanna. She also enjoys attending church, and skating, science, arts and crafts, and pizza. She is a member of her schools running and Chess club. Her favorite sport is Basketball. Dreama would like to be a WMBA player or go to college when she grows up. Dreama needs a structured family that is willing to believe in her dreams, aspirations, and help her achieve them. She would do best in a two parent home. *Photo and video provided courtesy of