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Isaac from Alabama



from Alabama

Isaac, born July 2004, is in need of a forever family who is kind, caring, and understanding. Isaac is in the 8th grade and does well in school. Isaac is very bright and creative. His favorite subject is science because he likes that it is more hands-on than most other subjects. Isaac has a twin brother. He also has an older brother and sister, and a younger sister. Isaac loves his family and wants to always stay in contact with them. He has a big heart and is always thinking of others before himself. This young man tries to always be positive! Isaac loves to draw and with a drawing pad and colored pencils he can make an amazing piece of art. Isaac needs and wants a loving forever family who can provide structure and a good support system. He wants nothing more than to be in a normal family who give him unconditional love. Isaiah, born July 2004, wants and needs a loving, understanding, and supportive forever family. He is in the 8th grade. He is an abstract thinker, and like his twin, he is always coming up with different ideas, and thinking outside the box. He is very smart. Isaiah loves computers, video games, and anything involving Legos. He loves his family, and is always thinking of his twin brother, Isaac. Isaiah is a very thoughtful young man and he is always standing up for the underdog. He wants nothing more than to have a loving and happy home for him and his twin, and a forever family who will do normal things like have cookouts and spending time together. *Photos of Isaac and Isaiah are courtesy of the Heart Gallery Alabama.
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