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Jacob from Alabama



from Alabama

Jacob, born in October 2008, is in the 2nd grade for the 2016-2017 school year. Jacob is your typical active child. He enjoys going to the park, swinging, riding his scooter, swimming, basketball, and playing with cars. Jacob has a great, sweet, loving personality once you get to know him. He is very talkative, always asking questions. He enjoys school and does well in most subjects, but does receive extra help in reading. Although Jacob struggles with reading, he continues to practice daily. He loves animals and young children, though he needs constant supervision. He tends to struggle more with children his own age due to self-control issues. Things that Jacob continues to need assistance working on are respecting personal space and boundaries, being appropriate and gentle with animals and supervision around babies and young children. Jacob has had many struggles in his short eight years. In the recent months he has made tremendous progress in all areas of his life. Jacob will require a lot of time and attention, but his sweet smile and loving personality are sure to make it all worth it.