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Robert from Alabama

Alabama Department of Human Resources - Office of Adoption

  • Age10
  • GenderM
  • LocationAlabama
  • Case #59012017185MNS

Robert, who prefers to be called by his middle name "Douglas", is a nine year old young man. He will be attending 3rd grade in the fall. Doug receives special education services through an IEP plan provided by the school due to his learning and developmental delays. He does have some special needs that will require ongoing mental health treatment. Doug needs a family who are patient and understanding. He is a very loving child. He becomes attached to people easily and can form a bond with them in a short time. Doug enjoys video games and being active. He is currently enrolled in day camp and enjoys his time there. He has some difficulty relating to children his own age. Doug needs a forever family who are patient, understanding, provide a structured schedule and a safe and secure environment.