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Zoey from Alabama



from Alabama

Zoey, born in 2003, keeps a beautiful smile on her face daily. One of her favorite past times is reading. She loves all kinds of books, and is a wonderful, fast reader. Zoey enjoys going to school fairly well. She likes to socialize with her friends. She usually makes friends easily. Zoey usually has the highest grade in her favorite class , History. She has a great sense of humor. She loves making jokes and seeing that she is able to make other people laugh. Zoey loves to go on walks to clear her mind, and just simply loves being outside. She has an open mind, and she is willing to try new things. Zoey is unsure what she wants her career goals to be, but she is excited about finding out all the options that she has. Zoey follows directions, and does what she is asked, when she is asked. She is a very caring and beautiful young lady.
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