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Chase from Brazil



from Brazil

Chase was born in June 2010 via C-section to a mother with syphilis. He had a difficult neonatal course and spent two months in the NICU. Chase has been diagnosed with infantile cerebral palsy, spastic quadriparesis, significant cognitive delays, bilateral amaurosis, convergent strabismus, and several food allergies. Affectionate Chase shows interest in new things, readily exploring objects and toys. Though he primarily uses his left arm, he employs both arms to pull himself along the floor rapidly and can hold and manipulate toys with both hands. Chase builds low towers of blocks, uses a pincer grasp to draw with pencils, and does puzzles with assistance. He responds to his name and understands and follows simple verbal instructions. Chase vocalizes about 10-15 words as well as some phrases and imitates the speech of others. He enjoys engaging with adults and children, strives for their attention and loves physical contact and all types of group games. Chase is an impulsive little boy who moves quickly from one activity to the next; however, recently his attention span has improved to the extent that he can stay focused for up to 10 minutes. He is enrolled in 1st grade at an auxiliary school where he works with a special teacher, psychologist, speech therapist and physical therapist. When frustrated, Chase may show self-aggressive behaviors. Chase drinks from a cup independently, can hold a spoon with his left hand, needs assistance with dressing, and is not toilet-trained. He enjoys musical and flashing toys, playing with cars and blocks, watching puppet shows, and listening to children’s songs and stories. Weight at Birth: 1480 g Height at Birth: 42 cm